Removable and Fixed RIP Seats

Reference Code - RIPS/R/400 + CEN/RIPS/400

Product Information


Typically used in A&E, frontline and PTS ambulances.
Fixed Rips by being bolted through vehicle floor.

Removable Rips in 330mm centres floor tracking.
Comfortable, quick and easy to use.

NMI is the world leader in the manufacture of a range of patented dual purpose seats that can be used by able bodied passengers and are also wheelchair docking stations that provide unparalleled levels of safety to wheelchair passengers. Rear Impact Protection Seats (RIPS) provide tested back and head rest support for wheelchair users travelling in vehicles.

Fixed Rips are typically used in Accident and Emergency and Front Line Ambulances. Tested as a seat to comply to the positional and strength requirements

All Fixed Rips variants are bolted through the vehicle floor and therefore care must be taken when positioning the unit in the vehicle. Enough gap must be left between the Fixed Rips and the vehicle wall. This is to allow room for the wheelchair wheels to run down the side of the Fixed Rips.

A pedal ratchet system ensures the quick and safe securement and release of wheelchairs. To save further space we offer a cranked pedal option – left or right handed.

On the Fixed and Removable RIPS the seat cushion is completely removed and has a storage position on the back of the unit. Some vehicle converters have alternative cushion storage areas in the vehicle.

On both Fixed and Removable RIPS there are two 3 point lap and diagonal belts with all age adjusters. Two off extension belts (normally for use with the wheelchair user) also come as standard. Note: these need only be used when required and not necessarily with all passengers.

There are two variants of seat back available. Standard back width that is 400mm wide (optional armrests). Narrow back width that is 280mm at its narrowest point. (to accommodate wheelchairs with narrow handlebars) Armrests are not an option on this version.

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