Rotating King RIP Seat Mk3

Reference Code - RKR/3

Product Information

The most easy to use King RIP yet.

A Seat and Wheelchair Dock in one.
NMI’s flagship RIP Seat, the RKR Mk3 is the perfect solution for maintaining seating capacity and transporting wheelchairs in limited space. Used exhaustively by the Ambulance NHS Trust Patient Transfer Services, the RKR provides operators with a tested and reliable product.

Both the seated and wheelchair passengers are secured in using twin 3 point belts which are incorporated into the seat.
The seat rotates to allow for access, it can also move across the vehicle on a sliding plate.
It can also be fitted to Ambulances with stretcher capacity as a wheelchair user can pass between the stretcher and the RKR Mk3 when rotated against the vehicle wall.
Tested as a seat and wheelchair docking station to EWVTA.


  • Patented design for simple user operation
  • Easy slide and rotate system
  • Aircraft style instructions on the unit leading to better training of staff
  • Significant model weight reduction and higher carrying capacity
  • Quick securing of the wheelchair with built in foot ratchet and webbing
  • Longer seat belts for wheelchair occupant or seated passenger safety
  • Seat squab transforms into a back/headrest offering greater comfort for wheelchair users
  • Longer beams which arc up and down also extend in and out allowing attachment to a much wider range of wheelchairs
  • Accessories including armrests and grab handle

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