Millennium Legs and Fittings

Reference Code - MSL/STA2/HD/S

Product Information

The flexibility of seating configurations within a vehicle will vastly improve its operational capability. The best way of achieving this is by using the NMI Millennium leg and fitting. Designed in response to customer demand for a simpler solution to existing fittings with numerous location studs, (making insertion in and out of tracking extremely difficult) NMI developed a solution to the problem. Tried, tested and used all over the world the patented Millennium fitting meets all requirements. Not only is the Millennium fitting easy to use, it is the quickest way to install and remove seats from tracking.

To lock in tracking simply push the red handle forwards. To unlock the millennium fitting simply lift up the safety catch and pull back the red handle.

Code – MSL/STA2/HD/S

Our standard top rail is shown – However NMI can design a top rail for our leg to fit your seat. This process has been on going and we have a leg and fitting to suit most of the European industry seat manufacturers.

Please ask and we will advise.

The Millennium fitting has been tested to the highest M1 standards – to comply with the positional and strength requirements of EC Regulation 14. Also dynamically tested to ECE R17 forwards and rearwards and ECE R80.

The standard colour for the fitting handle is red. Alternatively, black handles are available. The standard seat leg height is 285mm. However NMI have tested legs up to a height of 420mm to M1 standards.

Standard Top Rail (All dimensions in mm)

Standard legs are supplied with a spigot located in the bottom of the front leg to locate in the one inch pitch holes in the tracking.

Legs without the spigot are also tested and will be supplied at the customer request.

Simply remove the letter S from the end of the product code.

Code – MSL/STA2/HD

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