Product Information

Smartfloor is an aluminium flooring system which is bonded to the vehicle van floor. It fits quickly together and it is made up from a series of aluminium extrusions to form a flat floor.

A key advantage of Smartfloor is the speed in which it takes to fit and the test papers that have been compiled through the investment in testing a wide range of chassis as shown in the matrix.

The aluminium track slides into the desired extrusion and is screwed into the profile. This means that over time as the tracking wears or gets damaged simply remove and replace the tracking. This improves the longevity of the vehicle and resale value. Smartfloor is fully tested to M1 standards and across a wide range of panel van minibuses and some coach built chassis it conforms to EEC regulations for vehicle conversions.

Fitting Smartfloor is a way of eliminating the need to test equipment in every base vehicle. Different variants of NMI Millennium seat fittings, T bolt fixings, trolley locks, wheelchair restraints and passenger back and headrest solutions are compatible and tested in Smartfloor.  For a specific vehicle tracking layout and quotation please contact our sales office.

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