Welcome to NMI Safety Systems

In 1977 Mr Nissim Alfassa having completed a PHD in mechanical engineering started a company which at the time was called NMI Industrial Services and operated from a single rented workshop in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire. Now almost 40 years later and still family owned, NMI Safety systems Ltd has its assembly plant based in London and has a diverse and growing portfolio of products borne out from a strong engineering base.

Product development is at the heart of the company and at NMI this is a continuous process. Driven by the ever changing needs and requirements of our customers, we listen and try to design our patented products which will help with their transportation requirements. Passenger safety and ease of use are at the forefront of our designs.

Multi functional systems for in vehicle seating.

Seats which adjust for pitch whilst located over wheel arches. A unique solution to an age old problem where all wheel arch seats have always been in a fixed position. Seat fittings to allow seats to easily lock/unlock in floor tracking or to be moved from one position to another inside the vehicle. Ease of use for the operator and complete safety for the seated passenger are the most important areas we focus on. The same flexible seating features are also available for Medics treating patients in ambulance vehicles. These seats are also unique in design and functionality. We firmly believe that Medics should also be safe in the vehicle whilst caring for their patients.

Docking seats for wheelchair users.

At NMI we firmly believe that wheelchair users travelling in wheelchairs should have the same level of safety as those passengers that are seated. This means providing a tested back and headrest and this is why for the last 10 years we have developed and designed a range of products which offer this high level of safety for wheelchair users. From Docking seats known as RIPS ( Rear Impact Protection Seats ) to stand alone back and headrest units, we cater for all types of vehicle and user.

Combined adult/Child seat.

Isofix and buckets seats could be a thing of the past.. Instead by using our Sit Safe product child/adult seat it allows a child between 1 – 4 to travel in utmost safety in a rearwards facing position. This clever patented solution operates with one lever motion, changing a forward facing adult seat into the perfect seat for children.